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Other CFEE Sites

Visit some of CFEE's other web sites:

The Building Futures in Canada web site has been developed to provide assistance to individuals who are considering Canada as a destination, are planning to come to Canada, or have recently arrived in Canada. 
The Virtual Adviser
A site to help you with your questions related to work and money.
The Online Classroom Edition of The Globe and Mail aims to help teachers bring real life and current news stories into the classroom and to relate such current events to their teaching activities.
Potential for Prosperity (P2P)
Potential for Prosperity (P2P) provides information on credential recognition and licensing procedures for internationally educated professionals.
Newcomers to Canada DayPlanner
Provides easy access to information to help newcomers to Canada build a new life here.
More than 150 six-minute video vignettes featuring real people in their workplaces talking about the challenges and rewards of their jobs.
A campaign to dramatically improve economic literacy in Canada.
Money and Youth
Activities and more to complement CFEE's Money and Youth publication.
Mentors, Ventures & Plans
Entrepreneurship and enterprise for youth.
Virtual Resource Centre