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Planning for your child's education

Many Canadians would like to save for their child's future but are confused about what to do. They may feel they aren't able to save enough. Or they may not trust the people and organizations that offer information about money matters.

This web site can help.

It was developed by the Canadian Foundation for Economic Education, a non-profit organization, with funding from the Government of Canada. Our goal is to help you save for your child's future post-secondary education and training. It is not our goal to make any money from this web site. We will not try to sell you anything or suggest any company or their products to you.

We do encourage you to get started saving now for your child's post-secondary education if you have not done so already. Why?

We also encourage you to open a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) if it's right for you. An RESP is a special plan that helps you save for a child's studies after high school. Over the years, you put money into the plan and invest it so it will grow. Why?

We hope the information you find here will help you feel more confident about your choices and your ability to save for your child's future. We'll show you everything you need to do, in four simple steps.
Ready? You can get started right here.
Planning Booklet

Also available: our planning booklet

Our guide to planning for your child's education is also available in print. You can download the PDF version from this web site, or you can ask CFEE for a copy. Call toll-free (888) 570-7610 or e-mail us at